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Ella's story...

Ella came to Better Working Futures with an open mind. She said:

“My adviser was great from day one and the environment was friendly and welcoming. I have previously been viewed by what I couldn’t do because of my disability, rather than what I could do.”

With the support of her adviser, she now has a new job which she describes as an “amazing opportunity.”

Jason’s story...

Jason had been out of work for two years after a change in his health meant he could no longer do the kind of jobs he was used to doing. He said:

“Working with Better Working Futures has given me the support and confidence to refocus on my skills and apply for jobs. I am looking forward to the security and opportunities that employment brings.”

Malcolm’s story...

Malcolm, suffered with deep vein thrombosis and didn’t feel comfortable applying for his first job at the age of 53.

At our Doncaster office, his adviser Charlotte set him up with internal training to make him feel more at ease in the workplace. Malcolm started applying for jobs and after a great interview, started his new job as a cleaner the next day.

He said: “The support I received really helped with my confidence and the training I got helped me learn to work with others. I was given the opportunity to gain new skills which has had an impact on my life.”

Chris’s story...

When Chris came to Better Working Futures he advised us that he was a qualified pastry chef but had been struggling to find work in the industry due to his hearing impairment.

With our support, Chris has now set-up his own catering business. “I have got the best support I could ever wish for, which has helped me in areas that I have struggled with in the past but I am now more confident with. I have achieved more than I ever thought.”

Paul's story...

Paul had been in prison and battled drink and drug addictions when he came to Better Working Futures. After suffering with depression, he began attending appointments with us for support with his CV and cover letters and landed his new job.

“I am working full time and this is going to change mine and my son’s life. I’m finally moving home in the next 12 months and life is now coming together.”

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